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What have we done? Videoclip Formenergy 2012

In 2012 Formenergy has achieved great results through lot of different activities: business, sports, health and politics are all fields where we have implemented our skills. In addition to that, thanks to the collaboration with Zorzi Foundation, Formenergy is engaged in the social field to support the role of the woman, the younger and to grow up the research against rare diseases.




Merry Christmas and happy new year

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Formenergy – Coaching network

We believe that the key of the success born from the collaboration and the improvement with the “best organizations” in each business sector. Through that we grow up in experience, knowledge, critical analysis and skills to face all the different situations in the market. The experience, obtained in the multinational firms, in the local – small organizations, in the health field, in politics and in sports, give us the possibility to explore a huge number of contest that lead us an important “experience luggage” composed of know how and unique skills.



“You can not tell to others to change, if you are not the first to do it”

Nicoletta Lanza

CEO Formenergy 

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Business coaching

 Formenergy is a consultants network specialized in coaching and in the advance training to support the organization’s know how growth. Formenergy was born from the idea and experience of the project leader Nicoletta Lanza, senior coach of the network.

The primary focus of the hole business is “business coaching”, in which Formenergy work, in collaboration with the firms, to achive important aims in relation to the Human resources. 


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